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Power Trip/ Power Failure Service

Imagine you were ironing your clothes while watching one of your favorite Korean dramas on your TV set. Without warning, your television screen went blank, and the noise from your air-conditioning stops suddenly, all the lights in the house went to sleep, and even the iron you were using is not left out as the light indicator lower. You squeeze your face angrily, knowing there was a power trip!

That is what most people experiencing—power tripping or power failure in Singapore is a major headache at one point or the other in their lives. This problem can cause someone to get angry considering the fact that most Singaporeans don’t know how to resolve the problem, especially when power trips happen in HBD flats. It is critical to understand that every house has a rigid but interrelates electrical wiring system which lays secure behind the walls. This means it little bit tuff to find a solution to the electric power trips.

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What causes a power trip/ power failure?

A power failure can be caused by an overloading of electricity to a circuit, a short circuit and ground fault surges. All these happened when the large current flow through a circuit than it can handle.

A power trip occurred to prevent the circuit to get damage and to stop any fire hazard to happen.

When your power trip often, it is time to look for an electrician for assistance to prevent any further hazard to occur.

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How To Prevent A Power Trip

With Singapore’s population mostly working in air-conditioned offices, businesses depend on the electric power supply for productivity. Not only does it provide the electricity to make areas more conducive, but it also powers computers. If the power supply ever gets interrupted such as when a power trip occurs, then it can adversely affect both the employees and the company as a whole.

Other than offices, there are other places that can be greatly affected by frequent power failure. These places are hospitals, schools, shopping malls, and more. Hence, it is really important that you educate yourself about basic electrical knowledge in order to prevent an electric power trip such as the ones shown below:

Proper Electric Wiring

Make sure that the overall electrical wiring is properly installed in order to prevent a power trip in HDB flats, or even in commercial buildings like an office or hospital. Most HDB electrical power trips occur due to poor wiring, which is why you should ensure that only professional and expert electricians work on such electrical systems. At Letscorp holdings Electrician Singapore, we have a dedicated team of experienced electricians who have the necessary skills to conduct any electrical installations.

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Avoid Overloading Your Electric Mains

Make sure that its power ratings match the ones on your electrical outlets before using any electrical appliances. Avoid installing power sockets with a limited power capacity if you are doing a house renovation. Overloading is most likely to occur when you keep plugging in several appliances at the same time. This kind of overloading on the mains will lead to a power trip. Hence, it is important that you plan your entire electrical system properly before starting any kind of electrical installation.

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Get Some Backup Power Sources

Significant damage to the electric transmission or the faults at the power stations happening in a specific area can cause a power trip. Such incidents are usually not within your control and hence will eventually result in a complete blackout. To overcome this problem, make sure that your building has some kind of backup power source like an electric generator to keep electrical appliances working. Having a standby electric generator will ensure that daily activities are not interrupted as it automatically turns on by itself when a power trip happens.

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Use Electric Power Properly

It is important to remember that improper use of electric power can definitely lead to a power trip. There are various risk practices that you are supposed to avoid such short circuits and poor handling of electric appliances to avoid power failure.