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Electrical & Replacement in Singapore

Ever had a faulty appliance at home that you desperately tried to Solve and replace by yourself? We have all been there.While it might be seductive to go DIY, save on electrician costs, and repair electrical appliances by ourselves, it is always superior to contact a licensed electrician to carry it out. This, of course, is not only because they’re more experienced that you are, but they also know how to conduct such electrical services safely.

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Electrical repair and replacement

Suddenly, one after another electrical device such as lights, ceiling fan or/and switches starting to fail you and power trip happened often and you can’t seem to solve the problem on your own? It is time to look for an electrician to solve all your problems once and for all. (Our company name) provide services such as:

  • Changing and installing your devices such as lighting and ceiling fan
  • Connecting new wiring
  • Change and check your power sockets
  • Checking your distribution board (DB) box

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Types of Electrical Repair & Replacement Works

At Letscorp skilled worker Singapore, we stock out high-quality electrical services as well as electrical repair and replacement at the affordable rating.

Here are the various electrical repair and replacement services that we stock out:

  • Ceiling Fan (only replacement service available) – With Singapore’s hot climate, having a completely functioning ceiling fan reception has become a necessity. However, there are times once ceiling fans need immediate fixing like after you begin noticing buzzing noise or once it starts to wobble. Such signs indicate that you just have to be compelled to contact an accredited skilled worker for a ceiling fan replacement in Singapore.
  • Light/lightweight – Is your lightweight fixture aflicker or burning out quickly? These are some of the signs that you just have to be compelled to get a light-weight repair. bear in mind that home lighting repairs in Singapore ought to solely be conducted by a knowledgeable skilled worker. This ensures that any future issues are avoided, that then results in fewer prices.
  • Electrical Switches – As mentioned earlier, faulty electrical switches create a lot of hazards reception as we have a tendency to tend to use them a lot of oftentimes. Below ar the various controller repairs and replacement that we have a tendency to do:
  • *Light Switch Repair
    *Lamp Switch Repair
    *Water Heater Switch Repair
    *Power Socket/wall socket Repair
  • Distribution board (DB) box – ar your fuses tripping a lot of typing or do your lights suddenly dim once you activate alternative appliances? Such issues might indicate that you simply got to get your distribution board (DB) box whereas you may be tempted to hold out DIY works due to circuit breaker repair prices, skilled troubleshooting services ought to solely be done by certified electricians so as to properly determine the reason behind the matter. Here ar the various sorts of electrical replacement works that we have a tendency to do on distribution board (DB) box:

*Circuit Breaker Repair
*Fuse Box Repair
*Circuit Breaker Panel cowl Replacement
*Main fuse (MCB) Replacement
*Circuit Breaker Fuse Replacement
*Fuse Box Replacement