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Electrical Installation in Singapore

Electrical installation projects can already be hard, but it will be more Worrying to handle especially when they are not done correctly. As homes usually have plenty of electrical appliances and electrical fixtures, you’re better off having them installed correctly in order to avoid future problems.

At Daylight Electrician Singapore, we help you handle any electrical services from electrical installations of lighting fittings to hanging lights to installation and repair of water heaters. We can take care of your electrical installation projects for a new house or business renovation. No matter what your needs are, we are assured of providing you with affordable pricing and timely electrical installation services.

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specializes in the following electrician installations:

We provide transparent quotes for your installation project and agree on the full price with you, which will remain unchanged unless some unplanned contingencies come up. Whether it is a quick lighting installation or a commercial installation of extensions and fittings, be confident that we will save you money on your projects and will keep to delivery deadlines as agreed.

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Lighting Installation – The proper combination of lighting fixtures is important to help you improve the aesthetics and style of any home. We have a dedicated team of professional and certified electricians in Singapore that will wire and install any lighting fixture or dimmer you prefer.

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Ceiling fan installation – Daylight Electrician Singapore carry out quality ceiling fan installations for you, we also recommend the best quality ceiling fans for your home and ensure that they are mounted safely on your roof trusses.

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PowerPoint / Wall Socket installation – Having sufficient power points and extensions within 10 – 12 feet of walls makes your home or office more comfortable for you. Let us help you install power points at your home or office cleanly and without damaging your walls or existing electrical wiring. Our experienced electricians will help you create additional power points that will be positioned where you need them the most.

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Distribution Board / Breaker Panel installation – If you have issues with your breaker panel, you will definitely be experiencing a frequent power outage and trips at home or in the office. We will replace any faulty breaker panel and install a new distribution board where that will suit your current and future needs.

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Generator installation – Is your office well-prepared to deal with a power outage? Having a backup generator installed will help you reduce downtime whenever there is a power outage. We can help you recommend and install generators and backup power systems that will keep your business running smoothly no matter what.